By Braeden Heidemann and Yasmin Abbas To describe Mr. E-Con no phrase seems better fit than “straightforward”. But […]

By Malik Abbas Liverpool, the beautiful coastal city in the British isles. That is where Fisher Chips was […]

By Bruna Abrao  Born in 1972, Hollywood has been all over the United States: Illinois, New York, North […]

By Sophie Kane Magnesium grew up in Minnesota in the United States. She has four sisters and two […]

By Yasmin Abbas Mr. Maple, otherwise known infamously referred to as “The Canadian” was born into a family […]

By Lucas Duchrow The piano man, a seemingly normal mathematics teacher at EAB, right? Wrong. Nothing could be […]

by Ana Cecilia Oliveira Photosynthesis is a seemingly normal teacher: born in Vermont on December 9, 1983; lived there […]