The MOTH Flutters Back to EAB

By Joel Kreighbaum

October is quickly approaching which means that soon The Moth will be returning for the second year at EAB.

The Moth is a fantastic experience both for the people presenting and for the people listening. Last year the listeners got to learn how Mr. Bair met his wonderful wife Ms. Bree, and I spoke about my very personal experience of getting outed before I was ready. It takes a lot of courage to get up and tell personal stories so it’s important to support the presenters and encourage those who want to present.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 10.12.29 PM

The Moth stories can cover a large variety of subject, from ones that will make laugh hysterically to those so touching that crying can’t be helped. Each story for the Moth is unique and it is a once in a lifetime experience to see each one live, so make sure to be there for this years’ group of presentations. The Moth this year is happening October 10th at 3:30 in the US iCommons Mini-Amp so don’t be late!


Image Source: “Tiger Moth Silhouette | Free Vector Silhouettes.” How to Draw a Double-Decker Bus | Super Coloring, 26 May 2015,

Why I Chose to Perform

By Alma Sato 

This is my first time participating in the Talent Show and I’m pretty excited about it! One of the reasons I’m participating in the Talent Show is to create a nice memory with my father, who loves music and likes to perform in front of an audience. Since I will be graduating soon and leaving the house, I thought this would be a great opportunity where I could sing with my father on a stage. The Talent Show has also allowed me to spend time together with my father while we were practicing our song. I really enjoyed this time with him, since both of us are usually busy and don’t have much time to be together.


Aside from performing with my father, I will be playing violin by myself. I wanted to do this because I have never performed the violin alone before. The song is usually played together with the piano but I really wanted to try out a solo performance. I worked really hard to put emotion into the piece while also applying different tones. I hope the audience enjoys the melody and rhythm of the song!

Even though I’m nervous about playing in front of so many people, I want to show other people what I’m passionate about and provide an entertaining moment for them.

EAB’s Got Talent!

By Yasmin Abbas

EAB brings together community members from all corners of the globe, thus also bringing together a great assemblage of different experiences, perspectives, understandings, and also talents. As students gather the courage to stand on stage and face a 400-person capacity auditorium, they might find their talent ordinary, but the audience will be astounded by a display of magic, or a simply enchanting voice. Last Monday and Wednesday, auditions were held at the EAB auditorium (led by Mr. Vezzoli) as part of the process of selecting the acts that will make up both the upper and lower school talent shows.

A student who auditioned for the talent show, Leon Naves, provided me with some insight as to why one might want to participate in the EAB Talent Show:

Well, the simple answer is: because it sounds fun. But if I had to think more about it I would say that it’s because it’s my senior year and I don’t want to regret missing out on any experiences, especially since it’s my last chance to do this.

For seniors, Leon’s statement stands bold and true. As the last time we dare to make ourselves vulnerable by sharing a passion or ability of ours that makes us proud, this Talent Show will be one to remember. On that matter, I’ve heard rumors and speculations that the seniors will be tackling the concept of talent in this year’s Upper School Talent Show– could that be true? I’ll refrain from saying: “come and find out” but you will only will know if you come and see for yourself! For all other students, this opportunity is just as important, as they similarly have the opportunity to exhibit something personal that they are proud of. By doing so, students become more confident in their abilities and strengths, learning that what they personally value in themselves is given equal or greater value in the eyes of others, regardless of the talent they choose to express.


The Upper School Talent Show will take place October 6th from 5:30 to 7 following the Lower School Show starting at 3:00 pm. 

8 Things To Do This Halloween Season

By Sophie Kane

With the month of October kicking off this week it’s time to celebrate one of EAB’s favorite holidays. Whether you love Halloween or you’ve never celebrated before, here are 8 things you should do this year to get in the Halloween spirit.


  1. Start your horror movie marathon

Kick off the season with your annual dose of Freddy Krueger and “Here’s Johnny.” Try Silence of the Lambs if you’re feeling particularly courageous or find out what the deal is with Norman Bates in Psycho, if psychological thrillers are more your speed. If you look for Oscar-level performances in your movies, don’t turn away from the genre just yet; check out the critically acclaimed films Get Out or A Quiet Place. But no one will judge you if you’re just in the need for some ghost busting. 

If you’re looking for something a little shorter, put a pause on the Black Mirror and check out the iconic television show the Twilight Zone. 

     2. Eat candy. A lot of it.

You may be too old for trick or treat but you’re never too old for gouging down Reese’s Pieces and Now and Laters. Make sure to stock up on supplies to last all season.

     3. Read books that will keep you up at night

You can never go wrong with Stephen King during the Halloween season. If you’re not ready to commit to an 1,000 page tome on a killer clown the Shining and Misery are a little lighter on the word count, but not on the horror. If you’re not looking for straight-up horror the Diviners is a little bit of everything, but still promises a few sleepless nights (it’s best read during the day for the light of heart). More on the ominous, mystery side of things is Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. You will never see the ending coming.

    4. Deck out your living room in cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns

Okay so I don’t know where to get pumpkins in Brasilia, but now would be a good time to pull out the boxes of Halloween decorations. If you don’t have boxes of decorations gathering dust in your garage you can always DIY your way through holiday decor.

   5. Channel your inner Martha Stewart in the kitchen

Squash soup is always a good option before it starts getting too hot for you to sit inside and eat soup. My favorites of the season are the witch finger cookies though (don’t forget to use green dye in the dough).

   6. Creep out your family with a Halloween playlist

Now would be a good time to break out the “Zombie” by the Cranberries, “Thriller”, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack. Or maybe just the theme from the Exorcist on repeat.

   7. Plan out your Halloween costume

If costumes are your thing, this is your time of year. If you don’t have time to order a fancy costume wear the one from last year. If all else fails there is always the toilet paper zombie.

   8. Volunteer to help out at EAB’s annual Halloween Party

Yes, we are subtly introducing paid STUCO promotions into the Bullseye. But in all seriousness, EAB’s Halloween Sabado Legal is not one to miss, whether you are organizing or just coming along with your friends and family. 

Have a great Halloween! 


Image Source: “10 Ideas For Spooktacular Halloween Events.” Eventbrite UK Blog, 26 Sept. 2018,

A Look Back at the Bulls Invitational

Game #1: EAB 33-31 PACA

For the first game of Bulls Invitational EAB played against PACA. The starters for this game where are Hendrik Stotz, Diogo Matos, Lucas Dalva, Ryan Sayah and Andre Parola making for a great team to begin the Bulls Invitational! EAB started off extremely strong with Andre Parola scoring the first basket of the game. In the first half of the game EAB scored 18 points while PACA scored 20. In the end EAB won 33-31.

by Luna Barron

Game #2: EAB 17-28 EARJ

In the Bulls’ second game of the day against EARJ they sadly weren’t able to secure another win. EARJ started off strong and were able to gain a lead of 9 points by the end of the first half, leaving the score at 13-4. Our team had time to regroup and focus more in the second half, in which they scored close to 3 times as many points as they scored in the first half. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for the Bulls to win. EARJ won 28-17

By Braeden Heidemann

Game #3: EAB 48-33 Renata Ribeiro

EAB was able to redeem themselves, after their loss on the previous day! EAB played against Renata Ribeiro; throughout the game EAB consistently played better and their passes were amazing! The other team struggled to catch up with EAB, as the Bulls demonstrated themselves to be very focused and strong. With that, EAB proved they were the stronger team, and won 48 to 33.

By Luna Barron

Game #4: EAB 47-49 PACA


What an intense match! Fresh off their first victory of the day the Bulls came in motivated to win. With great ball handling and offense the Bulls were able to bring the score to 19-12 by the end of the first half. However, the match became more difficult after two of their starters fouled out and one starter couldn’t play due to an injury sustained the prior day. The game quickly became a back and forth for points just to stay in the lead. With EAB ahead by three points, at the end of the second half PACA scored a last second three-pointer which tied the game, sending them into overtime. Both teams tried their hardest in overtime but PACA was able to secure the win 49-47.

By Braeden Heidemann

Here are all the movies EAB students are dying to see

By Sophie Kane


Love Simon

Release date: It’s already out!

Rotten Tomatoes: 92%


Based off the book titled “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda” (which I have yet to read but everybody loves) this feel-good coming-of-age story has been getting a lot of buzz. When seventeen year old Simon Spier– who has yet to tell his friends and family he’s gay– falls in love with an anonymous classmate via the internet his life gets a little complicated.

“It features the main characters who is a gay teenage boy and a lot of coming of age movies don’t have queer characters, especially as the main character, so it’s really nice to see media taking that step forward to show that kind of thing… and it really is important. You can see it even in the people who worked on the movie because since the movie has been made one of the supporting cast came out as gay and the younger brother of the main actor came out as gay. Seeing yourself represented in media is really important and helps people and I don’t think people realize how important it is until they’re not represented in something.”

Joel Kriegbaum, Grade 10

Avengers: Infinity War

Release date: April 26th (BRAZIL)


This movie has been ten years in the making and spans the entire Marvel-verse. The Avengers and Superheroes are teaming up to take down Thanos before he…you know… destroys the universe.

I guess I’m just excited about a new movie from Marvel in general. You know, it’s Avengers so it’s basically like a big mash-up of all the Marvel characters.

Wenhao Fan, Grade 11

Infinity War is a movie that the Marvel universe has been building up for ten years. Usually in Marvel you get to see some [of the superheroes] but not all of them, but this time you get to see all of them, which is a major thing. And somebody will die. Usually nobody dies in a Marvel movie, but somebody’s going to die in this movie. Well, that’s what it looks like from all the trailers.

Ashika Das, Grade 11

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Release date: May 24th (BRAZIL)


We don’t really know what to expect from this new Star Wars prequel, but based on how much we’ve loved the recent stream of Stars Wars films, we have high expectations. This story follows a young Han Solo who we get to see navigate  through the criminal underworld of the galaxy, meet Chewbacca for the first time, and run into the infamous Lando Calrissian. Of course it all takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

I’m excited because I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I was young and I really love Hans Solo’s personality. And honestly he’s the one who makes the movies really entertaining and fun to watch.

Sherlynn Chew, Grade 11

The Incredibles 2

Release date: June 14th (BRAZIL)


This long-awaited Disney Pixar movie is finally coming to the big screen! This time Helen is in the spotlight leaving Bob to the household heroics and shenanigans, made difficult by the fact that the family is still unaware of baby Jack-Jack’s emerging powers. Meanwhile a new villain is up to no good…

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Release date: November 15th (BRAZIL)


Calling all Harry Potter fans! The second installment in the to-be five film franchise is coming to you this November with a star-studded cast including Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Ezra Miller, and Zoë Kravitz. This screenplay has also been written by J.K. Rowling so it’s sure to deliver. We of course will be reuniting with the foursome from the first movie, but Rowling fans have been especially excited about the appearance of a young Dumbledore in the film. Stay tuned…

Mary Poppins Returns

Release date: December 20th (BRAZIL)


Disney is returning to the world of Mary Poppins starring Emily Blunt in the leading role and none other than the creator of the musical Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda. The film introduces three new Banks children and is set in 1930s depression-era London.

“Rotten Tomatoes: Movies | TV Shows | Movie Trailers | Reviews.” Rotten Tomatoes: Movies | TV Shows | Movie Trailers | Reviews,
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Our global data crisis

By Yasmin Abbas

When asked to write a formal essay, it is very likely that you, whether you are an adult or still a student, have required research to formulate ideas or to gather data. Regardless of which, you’ve been asked to extract this information from a reliable source, to prevent misinformation. The safest bet, for most of you (me included) has for long been scholarly essays. I’m not here to discredit the work that many scholars put into formulating research papers or academic articles, but there are a few key points of information that need to be brought to light.

Firstly, there is the almost god-like hailing of academics. Undoubtedly these people have dedicated a considerable amount of their time towards learning about a certain issue, but they do not hold the absolute truth on the matter. These people are also susceptible to biases, have limitations in their studies and most of the time, aren’t focused in attaining the purest level of truth, in fact, most of the times, they’re trying to prove their point. Not all scholarly articles are peer reviewed, meaning that some articles can be published without anyone looking over it and making sure that this academic didn’t just write whatever they wanted to get published. While it is very tempting to simply cite a source that backs up your claim, I believe it is far more respectable to be willing to change a belief or claim to attend to reality, rather than to knowingly perpetuate a bias.

Secondly, data does not equate facts. The inclusion of numbers, surveys and graphs in an article does not ensure that you are reading a factual analysis of reality. In fact, many times, especially in scientific studies, data can be manipulated or presented in a misleading way to suggest a personal belief held by the author. In the scientific community —  especially in the light of the monetisation of research paper publication — manipulated data has reached an all-time-high as researchers are getting payed to publish misleading data for companies. Once this data is published, not only does it become public and thus people are vulnerable to believing a carefully crafted fib, but this data can now be re-published, cited and used to solidify unreasonable arguments, further perpetuating misinformation.

Alright. So there is fake data floating around — not just in family WhatsApp groups or on my Facebook feed, the sources that I once believed to be the most reliable may not be, so what?

The values of society are built upon our beliefs, ideals and science. The decisions we make politically, economically and ethically depend on scientific breakthroughs and simple experimentations, so if these are tampered with, we begin to lead our society towards a path that becomes progressively more detached from reality, as these can be based on falsified evidence. I may be getting ahead of myself in the sense that this misinformation probably will not result in our society’s doom, as my last sentence suggests, but I do believe it is currently happening in a small scale. Not being able to personally understand why something is a way it is and simply pointing at a piece of evidence that is handed to you is unsettling, almost as if you are slowly losing grasp of reality. How can you understand what is happening in the world if false information is all that you have available? How is society supposed to progress when information, the most basic of rights is being denied to us?

There are projects like that of the self-proclaimed “Data Thugs” that are currently underway to get rid of questionable research and false data, but a strong ethical sense from me and you also goes a long way. When reading an absolutely biased report on a matter, make sure to at least acknowledge other possible perspectives when publishing or talking about an issue. Verify, to the extent possible the validity of your information; if you can, make sure a good part of the scientific papers you are citing are peer reviewed. There is nothing wrong about publishing an opinion, the wrong is in referring to that opinion as a truth. Much like movements of social justice, I believe that data reliability should be our next in vogue issue that gains traction and moves people to protest for more reliable information.

My experience at SPMUN

By Chloé Posthuma

As the clock ticked on indicating the closer we were to beginning the conferences, my heartbeat raced as fast as a race car. I was welled up with emotions: excited, nervous, anxious, curious and most of all, fascinated. Numerous thoughts raced through my mind: “What if I mess up?”, “What if I don’t get an award?”, “What if I provide the crowd with incorrect information and somebody corrects me, leaving me in a deep well of embarrassment?”, and the worst one yet,”what if I don’t get an award?” These reflections always come to a delegate in the initiation of the meetings. However, these actions only help you throughout the course of the trip since you grow out of them. In other words, you develop into a different person in just a couple of days causing each day, hour, minute, second causing them to be significant and that is why every day of the trip will be discussed in this article (in the eyes of a timid person).

On the first day, I glanced at the clock for the thousandth time, awaiting for the opening ceremony that never started. I spot all the new people approaching my eyesight: new delegates, experienced delegates, freshmen, senior etc. After a decade of awaiting, the most amazing, motivational speeches were given to boost confidence in each and every delegate. Afterwards, lobbying session began; not only did this period of the meeting spark new knowledge towards the topic at hand but also friendships with intriguing people from all over Brazil in schools such as Graded, Chapel, PASME, EAB, EABH, EAC, St Paul’s, EARJ and more. Furthermore, instead of just discovering your allies in the conflict, you detect allies for the entire trip and maybe in another period in life. This can be proven by the delegate Jader Barbalho who said,”I loved everyone there, especially my fellow delegates! Everyone was just so nice and caring. It was my first time and I instantly made lots of friends with the other delegates and the chairs, I think I will keep these friends for some time as I can always meet them in MUN and NR. I also really liked my chairs who were serious but also funny! And that is how we terminated our day; a day full of acquaintances.

“Rosy- fingered dawn appeared” marking the second day; the day of debates. Just thinking about it would give me chills since it is so nerve wrecking in the start. However, I was not the only one who felt this apprehension; all of those who spoke would stutter causing a feeling of proximity with delegates I had just met. Though the monster we call fright was strongly present in the dawn of our growth, it gradually decreased throughout the course of only a couple of hours shown by the quantity of times numerous delegations who developed confidence by asking points of information and, through baby steps, going to the podium to answer the points of information. By the end of the day, every single delegation could already classify each other as allies though in the view of the modeled United Nations they were not. In other words, as the closing of the afternoon arrived and the youth of the night replaced it, everyone could consider their peers more as friends. Anyhow, not only had the members of  the American School of Brasilia gotten closer to foreign schools but also developed tight bonds with other EAB members; I met freshmen and seniors I expected I would never share a word with while I reached devoted connections with people I had previously known. Even though we arrived in the city of São Paulo as only acquaintances or friends, we definitely left as a family. In other words, the students of the American School of Brasilia flourished together.

A gloomy thought bloomed in my mind as my body awoke on day three: it was the last day. I had gone through so much with these people in such a short amount of time. Additionally, it was time to see if the hours spent working on the position papers and resolutions were worth it by receiving a prize- the award. As the delegates of our school approached their seats for the general assembly, a tension in the room was felt. Common thoughts pass through every student present, “Who will get the award?” “Will it be fair?” The first minutes were skipped on the clock…  eventually turning into hours. During those hours, one main topic was discussed in the general assembly. Numerous delegates were focused, curious, participating meanwhile others were sending notes to provoke the delegations present. These events helped swallow down the anxiety we all felt, until its conclusion; once the word “awards” was mentioned, every delegation glimpsed at one another displaying apprehension in their eyes. However this action did not stop the handing out of the awards. These prizes provoked the following events such as people crying of joy and sadness. Another event that also followed the awards was the closure of the trip. It felt like it had been a century we had remained in São Paulo, but it also felt like an hour. On the way back to Brasilia, I contemplated at how grateful I was for receiving a prodigious experience with such compelling people because these are one of the various things EAB gives their students.