By Carol Khorramchahi

Time is known to heal all wounds
And it would – if only it could
Yet, these wounds you’ve made cannot be healed
With permanent scars they have been sealed

Locked inside is all the pain
That cannot be washed out even with the heaviest rain
If only you could feel how deep I’ve immersed
But I wouldn’t wish that upon even the cursed

A dagger that stabs my heart
And pricks it every second till it tears apart
Like a flower whose petals have died
This love cannot be revived

Though for you my heart weeps a river of blood
You are not to be blamed for this flood
I don’t know what’s worse
Drowning beneath the waves
Or dying from the thirst

We are met each day
By both unwavering belief 
And debilitating fear 
One on each shoulder
And oh do they love to cheer

We often turn away
And close our hearts
To the promise of love,
Led astray

For the past has taught,
Not be caught
In what is not
Worth pursuing

However, if we dare
To jump over the crater of uncertainty 
That lies in our mind
We open the heart
Bare, raw, kind

People tend to ask
Does love have a meaning?
To imprison it, a daunting task
Turns out it doesn’t matter
As long as it doesn’t shatter

What scares us though,
Is that the heart makes no noise,
When it breaks.

Are We Really Alive?

By Pedro Venancio

Deep in my essence, the confusion corroded my lost soul, and strangely; the feeling became part of me.

On that day, the intense sun left me with a languid soul as if every thought slowly danced through my heavy mind and every moment I lived, I could only wish I didn’t. Until I drowned in the own calamitous ocean of my unquiet mind. Although the immense magnitude of heat left a scar on me, when nighttime arose from the dead, I weirdly missed the brightness. The sun hammered people’s essence but at the same time gave purpose to their spirit. At dawn is when people are reborn from the period of unconsciousness. For a couple, rapid hours in the dawn, people feel vivid, feel infinite as their lives are never going to end. But it’s also in the dawn when they most complain about their scar. People complain about the warmth that the greatest star shares with them; people complain when the small stars take place and they feel their bones numb as if they were inside a freezer; why are people that sensitive to nature? Maybe that’s the reason why they destroy it, their own sensitivity; people complain about themselves, others, and life; but when someone’s life end, they cry a river of sadness, impeding them from once again seeing the sun in life and accepting their fate to live scarred. Isn’t that a paradox? When the bright star goes to rest at the other end of the world, people miss the spark and soon are stuck with the white moon which brings the wintry-weather.

As the dusk reigned the world, chilly temperatures knocked on people’s soft skin. Myself, in my compact yet strangely comfy apartment, I felt the wind take my soul on a tour to desolation in isolation. My frightened body approximated to the mirror, scared of what I had to see, alone in my mind but full of people in my life. Usually, the misconfigured reflex would let someone see themselves, but I couldn’t tell what I felt or saw. Deep in my essence, the confusion corroded my lost soul, and strangely; the feeling became part of me as if I was holding the weight of the world in my back even though my head felt as light as paper. Inside the depth of my eyes, the windows to my lost soul, I felt lonely as if the dusk made me realize all the problems, or the dawn made me create all the problems? The girl in the mirror was not the same as me. Somehow the same person in appearance but not the same in essence. I just wanted to change places with the girl inside the mirror, solemn: A life everybody desires. The dusk took my will, the moon was full while I was empty. The wind blowing through my hair and carrying the thoughts away to another day. Physically, I was alone but I knew that despair was sitting by my side. I softly touched the other side of my peculiar identity and woke up to reality confused, wondering, are people only alive to a degree?


“You know,” I start, my voice failing to hide my hesitation, “Sometimes I like to pretend the moon is there solely to adore me.”

I turn my head to look at her.

“Up there, in the soundless, emotionless void of space, the moon stays, gazing down at me with a total, endless love, as though that is all it is there for. Even in the day, when the moon should be outshined by the sky’s surrounding light, it stays adoring.”

“What about the sun?” She asks.

“Not the sun,” I respond quickly, my voice louder this time. “Never the sun. It is much to harsh to be loved, never mind be capable itself of love.” I crack a small smile in the dark. “The moon, although somewhat cold and distant, is never harsh.”

I sigh.

“I wish to be loved so deeply and so fully that sometimes-”

I raise my hand up to the sky, my fingers grasping for the moon.

“It’s unbearable.”

Top 10 R&B Albums You Should Check Out (Age-Ordered)

By Vitória Arantes

In light of the recent (faulty and unjustly served I might add) Grammy nominations that came out last week, how about we check out some R&B albums that in my opinion, served the music scenario well. These are few from many top notch R&B albums that made history, take a look…

1 – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Ms. Lauryn Hill (1998)

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.45.23 PM

2 – Voodoo by D’angelo (2000)

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.46.55 PM

3 – Take Care by Drake (2011)

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.48.10 PM

4 – A Seat At The Table by Solange (2016)

A Seat At The Table by Solange (2016)

5 – Blonde by Frank Ocean (2016)

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.51.20 PM

6 – Anti by Rihanna (2016)

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.52.38 PM

7 – CTRL by SZA (2017)

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.53.36 PM

8 – Sonder Son by Brent Faiyaz (2017)

Sonder Son by Brent Faiyaz (2017)

9 – After Hours by The Weeknd (2020)

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.55.25 PM

10 – Chilombo Jhené Aiko (2020)

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.57.02 PM

No Place For The Weak

By Veronica Streibel-May

From the moment she stepped out, a freezing sensation swept over her and it practically consumed her. 

As the sun was creeping up on the chaotic city, and with it the thought of what the day held loomed over like a dark cloud. The single spark of joy that bloomed in her mind was the smell of baked cinnamon rolls that would soon captivate her nostrils. Little did she know that soon enough the scent of gasoline would interrupt the sweet sensation of the freshly baked goods. As she shoved herself out the door, she reached for a jacket before leaving, hoping it would not only protect her from the winter chill, but also the feeling of loneliness living in this overpopulated city. From the moment she stepped out, a freezing sensation swept over her and it practically consumed her. 

Her stride was languid in an attempt to appreciate the contemporary buildings that danced before her eyes, yet still escaping her on days where her thoughts echoed endlessly in her mind. 

The juxtaposition between this hectic city and her hometown is uncanny. The constant tapping and drumming of elephant feet drowned out anything pleasant. The screeching of the hunks of metal flooded her ears like a tsunami. There was no hope of protecting or salvaging her damaged eardrums. Nonetheless this is the place where dreams came true. A place where she could touch the sky just as skyscrapers do. However they have bodies of concrete and cold glass while she has pieces of flesh stuck together.

With this thought swirling around, she needed to ascertain that next time, she would take an alley that didn’t send shivers down her spine or force the need to touch her pockets every two seconds. She knew this city was safe, but like all the buildings constructed here, people wouldn’t rush to help you. They stayed in their own lane, never looking left or right. Only when driving did they break this stereotype. People’s interpretation of the traffic laws as suggestions proved unfamiliar and strange to me.

The USWNT Returns To The Field

By Elisa Uccello

As disorganized and substandard as they were, something was born the day they played their first official match. A grind. A passion. A mentality that was nurtured and strengthened to transform those uncoordinated women into the best soccer team in the world. 

On Friday evening, November 27th, the United States Women’s National Team returned to the field after a record 261 days without a single game. Remarkably, they were able to surpass all expectations. 

The USWNT was precariously founded in 1985 by bringing together a group of girls who played for different college teams, handing down old uniforms from the men’s squad, and assembling them in a field for an amateur tournament in Italy. As disorganized and substandard as they were, something was born the day they played their first official match. A grind. A passion. A mentality that was nurtured and strengthened to transform those uncoordinated women into the best soccer team in the world. 

In 1991, when, at last, FIFA organized an international cup for female soccer (that would later be recognized as the Women’s World Cup), the 23 American girls selected by coach Anthony DiCicco, all still in college, had to sew their uniforms by hand the day before departing to China. After outperforming all opponents and beating Norway 2-1 in the final, the United States lifted the first-ever FIFA women’s trophy and received 500 dollars as a reward. 500 dollars. That’s all they got for winning the freaking World Cup.

The USWNT returns to the field

United States Women’s National Team holding world cup trophy, November 30th, 1991. 

The 1995 World Cup wasn’t as up to scratch. Many vital players had to quit to get “real jobs” since women’s soccer didn’t pay the bills. In 1999, however, the U.S. volunteered to host the World Cup, and the players were ready to make the most out of it. They traveled around the country to every soccer clinic and camp to personally advertise and encourage people to attend their games. Their last matches before the WC had around 1,500 people. No one even knew their names. But it worked. 

As they hopped onto the bus to head for the World Cup opening match, the streets were completely congested. At first, they wondered where all those people were going. Then they started getting worried that they would be late to their own game. But as soon as they looked out the window and realized that all those people, dressed in blue, red, and white, were actually there to support them, the hearts of those 23 young girls, who only played because they loved the game, started beating out of their chests. They won their group, then the quarter and semi-finals, and finally landed in Pasadena for the championship game against China. In a sold-out Rose Bowl stadium, with just over 90 thousand fans, the USWNT won their second star after a thrilling penalty shootout. That day, the 10th of July of 1999, is still marked as the most important date in the history of women’s soccer.

What those women did in that World Cup didn’t just show America the quality of their product. The packed Rose Bowl stadium was filled with young girls that went home that night, grabbed a ball and said, “This is what I want to do.” One of those girls was a 19-year-old Abby Wambach, who would later break the record for most international goals by man or woman. Another was 17-year-old Carli Lloyd, who clinched the USA’s 3rd star with a hattrick in the first half of the 2015 WC final. 14-year-old Megan Rapinoe, who won the Ballon D’or while leading a movement towards equal pay. 11-year-old Tobin Heath, who is considered the most skilled player in history. 10-year-old Alex Morgan, who was named to the All-Time Best XI. The 1999 World Champions inspired a generation of girls that now carry their legacy and the title of best women’s soccer team in history. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.36.08 PM

USWNT defender, Brandi Chastain, after scoring the last penalty kick in the 1999 World Cup final.

With twice as many stars as their heroes conquered, after claiming the trophy in 2015 and 2019, the USWNT started 2020 with high expectations. New coach Vlatko Andonovski led the team to eight wins in the first eight games of the year, winning the She Believes Cup and clinching their spot in the Olympics that were supposed to have happened this summer. However, when the final whistle blew on the 11th of March, 2020, the American players celebrated the 3-1 win without a clue of how long it would be until they could put their National Team jerseys on and step on the field to defend that badge once more. 

COVID year, as we all know, was tragic and burdensome. As the United States watched the number of cases and deaths increase with poor response from the government, the soccer federation affirmed the inviability of uniting the 20-some players, spread around the country, to hold games or even training camps. So for seven months, the 4-star jerseys were stored in the closet. Some players played with the national league, others went abroad to get playing time in Europe, where the pandemic was more efficiently combated. In the end, the players that won the World Cup just last summer were dispersed throughout the globe.

Finally, this month, the US soccer federation arranged a friendly match that would be played after a very strict and controlled camp environment was established, and all the players were able to safely arrive at Utrecht. The game, evidently, was against the Netherlands; a rematch of the 2019 World Cup final. The world champion faced the European champion in a thrilling match this past Friday. 

While expectations are always high for the USWNT, fans and reporters were considering that the team hadn’t been together for eight months while the Netherlands has met month in month out to participate in the European qualifiers. Dutch star, Vivianne Miedema, announced on Tuesday that she would not be a part of the roster due to a hip injury. Other than that, the team that reached the World Cup final and will defend the European title was complete.

As for the USWNT, some vital players were absent due to injuries, such as captains Carli Lloyd and Megan Rapinoe, and young prodigy Mal Pugh. Two university players were called, from Stanford and Florida State. Finally, one “long time, no see” Kristie Mewis got back in the roster after six years without a call-up, the longest interval this US team has ever seen. Mewis joined her younger sister, Sam, in the Netherlands for what would be her 16th appearance if she was to play. When she was taken off the team in 2014, she claims to have lost a lot of confidence and settled for being average. However, after coming back from an ACL injury last year, she made the most out of this abnormal season and helped the Houston Dash take home the Challenge Cup trophy, second place in the league fall series, held the record for most assists, and was elected most valuable player of the team. Her extraordinary performance earned her a call-up and she was able to, once again, defend her nation after almost 2500 days. 

The game was scoreless for over half an hour, with the U.S. having many opportunities while the Dutch had trouble keeping possession. At the 40 minute mark, however, Man United forward Christen Press carried the ball past the midfield and passed it to Rose Lavelle. She took a good look at the goal from the top corner of the penalty area and shot it beautifully to open the score. 25-year-old Lavelle also scored the second goal against the Netherlands in the World Cup final last year, in a 2-0 win. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.37.26 PM

Kristie Mewis celebrating her goal against the Netherlands.

In the 61st minute, Lavelle herself was subbed off for Kristie Mewis. In a heartfelt moment, Mewis stepped on the field with a huge smile on her face. After 2500 days without having the opportunity to defend the badge, it only took 9 minutes for Mewis to receive the ball from Lynn Williams, dribble past the Dutch defense, and put it on the back of the net. As she turned around to celebrate, her sister Sam was the first one to embrace her. The narrator enthusiastically shouted, “WELCOME BACK KRISTIE MEWIS!” And what a comeback that was! In another 2-0 win over the Netherlands, the USWNT finished off the year on a high note. As coach Andonovski said in the post-game interview, “2020 was a tough year in many ways. But one thing that didn’t change and will never change with this team is the heart and the mind.” With that, the mentality that was nurtured since the first match in 1985, continues to serve as the basis of the program that assures the USA women’s soccer team is the very best in the world.

How to Write A College Essay

By Felipe Bauer

I realized I don’t have an exciting enough life to use a significant event as a launching pad through which demonstrate my very vivid and exquisitely rich personality. That is why I make the conscious decision to lie, or rather, embellish the truth. After all, you have no way of confirming my story.

Because I need practice.

And you see, Mr. Admissions Officer Person, practice makes perfect. That shows a lot about my person because it demonstrates that I’m a hardworking individual. That is why I would be a good addition to this arbitrarily selected course I’ll probably drop anyway once my privileged self realizes money doesn’t grow on trees, or on analytical essays on Shakespeare.

But perhaps I am getting a bit ahead of myself. To avoid cliches, I selected this totally specific writing prompt, through which I will recall a most significant event that occurred to me, that is, the person writing this essay, in my short existence on this Earth. It was a rainy Saturday night, on the day of – a date that I very specifically remember – when working with the beggar I had helped on the streets the previous days, three kittens were saved from a burning building by the valiant efforts exerted by our persons. 

From the life-changing experience that was witnessing a building burning on a rainy day, I realized I don’t have an exciting enough life to use a significant event as a launching pad through which demonstrate my very vivid and exquisitely rich personality. That is why I make the conscious decision to lie, or rather, embellish the truth. After all, you have no way of confirming my story.

Now with that exhausting recollection out of the way, I must tell you why I have chosen, this, again, meticulously selected course. It is due to these very specific reasons that apply only to me and to no one else. Firstly, I greatly enjoy partaking in intellectual pursuits within this area of study. Secondly, I hope to one day work with such a subject matter. Thirdly, it was the least competitive option offered at your prestigious learning institution, and to me, quite frankly, name recognition is more important than human integrity. What’s the point of a challenge if you don’t win, my grandfather, a retired Vietnam war veteran used to say?

The point, or should I say, purpose, is that you grow from the experience. And with that, my hardworking person has produced an essay with structural coherence. I have high hopes that this was enough to convince you that I am, indeed, a human being, and not just a number on a screen and to prompt in you a certain curiosity for my character, which is not the one I have fabricated, enough so to let me attend your esteemed institution.

From Trash To Ca$h

Presented to you by your very own EAB Goes Green Club

By Veronica Streibel-May

From Trash to Ca$h

It’s time to think green in terms of the environment and the bonus cash we can collect as a school community.

This is a project initiated and run by EAB Goes Green alongside Roberto Miyamoto, the club’s supervisor. What this project specifically entails is that, as a school community, we diligently bring recyclables from home to be placed in the large shipping containers that can be found just outside the front gate. Yes, it is made that accessible for you. Help turn your trash into a valuable resource. Yesterday’s waste can indeed be another step into a beneficial future. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 8.21.59 PM

Recycling is a confusing process, which is completely understandable seeing as there are specific guidelines to ensure success. It is vital that we highlight the importance of recycling correctly because this project depends on you as an individual and us as a unified community.  Why would you need to sort through trash when only 2% ends up reinserted here in Brazil? Especially compared to the global average of 9%, there seems to be little use, right? Wrong. The school is collaborating with Capital Reciclaveis who comes, picks up, and buys this trash produced by us as an EAB community. Funds go towards projects (Sociedade Humanitária Brasileira, an animal shelter, for example) that contribute to a greener society, organized by your very own EAB Goes Green club. 

On top of this, it is crucial we develop an understanding for recycling and realize that any little baby steps will make an impact. Even if this is simply educating ourselves and feeding into a more environmentally sustainable ideology. Small actions may appear minor in the long run; however, as a school community and as an individual, it is important we acknowledge this responsibility and take advantage of this situation that has been presented to us, so we can make a difference. With this in mind, we can be thankful that this opportunity is right by our fingertips, so we strongly encourage you to invest a fraction of your time and effort into something that contributes to a greener, eco-conscious society. 

Now, onto the difficult task. The actual doing and sorting. We have three sections: plastic, metal and paper. Plastic and metal should be thoroughly rinsed and placed in these containers. This is a vital step as otherwise we contaminate other recyclables. Please note that paper is collected in the iCommons where boxes are made available for you.

Believe it or not, we have the privilege of also being able to recycle our electronics and batteries, otherwise known as ‘E-Waste’. These bins can be located just outside the iCommons.

From Trash to Ca$hZero Impact is collaborating with us to aid in the disposal of old and unwanted electronics such as phones, laptops, wires, televisions, etc. The more success we have in this regard, the more natural resources we can conserve worldwide. Additionally, it will reduce the need and demand for mining precious heavy metals from the Earth and, therefore, also reduce the greenhouse emissions emitted during the production, manufacturing, storage, and transportation phase. Only 10-15% of the gold found in e-waste is recovered across a global scale, which, if you think about it, is a tiny fragment when considering the truth that there is so much more potential of having these precious metals being reused. Why not reuse what we already have? We jeopardize the environment although there is an easy solution right in front of our faces. It’s called recycling! We could be reusing junk and transforming it into the latest technology, so let’s finally do it. By entrusting Zero Impact we also ensure that no toxic chemicals from these electronics end up back into the ground. The environment is sensitive and, as a result, we must consciously care for it. The brutal reality is there is no Planet B.

Check it out!





The Growing Challenge of Climate Change

By Catarina Dantas

Above all, we must set the example: by fostering energy transitions, investing in sustainable cities, and promoting global awareness. The key to a sustainable future lies in our hands.

Climate change is no longer a scientific hypothesis, a problem for a distant future. It has recently proven to be a generation-defining challenge, a clear and present threat to our collective survival. 

Last summer, record temperatures caused wildfires to burn vast natural reserves on the Western Coast of the United States. The amount of carbon dioxide thrown in the atmosphere was superior to the UK’s entire power sector’s annual emissions. 

Around the same time, a severe drought made the Pantanal wetlands in Brazil an easy target for a deadly combination of human-made and natural wildfires. The loss of biodiversity in one of the world’s top wildlife sanctuaries was genuinely heartbreaking. The images of desperate jaguars cornered by the burning vegetation were a metaphor of our condition in the face of anthropogenic climate change.

Super-storms in the South Atlantic, giant hurricanes in the Gulf, melting ice-caps in the Arctic: the evidence of the damage we are causing to our planet is overwhelming. And yet, many individuals, corporations, and governments either deny the problem or refuse to act with the necessary vigor. 

We cannot stand idle. We must move now: by electing committed leaders, fighting obscurantism, and supporting international environmental cooperation under the Paris Agreement. Above all, we must set the example: by fostering energy transitions, investing in sustainable cities, and promoting global awareness. The key to a sustainable future lies in our hands.