Why I Chose to Perform

By Alma Sato 

This is my first time participating in the Talent Show and I’m pretty excited about it! One of the reasons I’m participating in the Talent Show is to create a nice memory with my father, who loves music and likes to perform in front of an audience. Since I will be graduating soon and leaving the house, I thought this would be a great opportunity where I could sing with my father on a stage. The Talent Show has also allowed me to spend time together with my father while we were practicing our song. I really enjoyed this time with him, since both of us are usually busy and don’t have much time to be together.


Aside from performing with my father, I will be playing violin by myself. I wanted to do this because I have never performed the violin alone before. The song is usually played together with the piano but I really wanted to try out a solo performance. I worked really hard to put emotion into the piece while also applying different tones. I hope the audience enjoys the melody and rhythm of the song!

Even though I’m nervous about playing in front of so many people, I want to show other people what I’m passionate about and provide an entertaining moment for them.